Applying for a Bank Guarantee (B2B) (2019)

Applying for a Bank Guarantee needed to be done in an outdated form. Users needed to fill more than 50 fields, following a complicated process. When the users manages to complete the application, there is a huge amount of work involved on ING side. A more user friendly dialogue was needed.


User flow and Wireframe

Because of the complexity of this product a lot of stakeholders where involved. To manage all view point on this topic a service design blueprint was made. What led us to a user low and wireframes.


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Dealing with Customer Feedback (2018)

Helping ING employees dealing with customer feedback in an easier and more manageable way.

User flow

Together with the responsible team we created a user flow to get a nice overview of the entire project (so I understood the problem correctly). Next to that it gave the team the opportunity to speak out, and share their issues and solutions.

But also made for everyone clear on which problem we where working and for which solution we where aiming.

End result


The starting point was an outdated environment on the back-end and front-end. The old solution became so populair the amount of data, options to choose from became unmanageable for the user.


The end result gave the user an overview of all feedback sources in one glance. Based on own preference the user can easily filter out results not needed or not relevant at the moment.

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Colour tagging of a transaction (2017)

For the banking app I made a concept that enables the user to categorize their transactions within the app by colour. By having these categories the user becomes more aware of his finances.

The paper prototype was tested on users guerrilla style. Based on the user feedback we had to stop. The user needed to invest too much effort to ‘tag’ all their transactions to have a good overview. At that time it was technically not feasible to automate these grouping for our users. And therefore we decided to stop the project.

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ING Payment request (2016)

With Payment Request you can reclaim money safely and quickly. For example if you have advanced money at a dinner party or at a drink.

For this project I created the Digital Concept, the Customer Journey, the Business Case and tested the prototype with customers. Together with UX colleague Jaap Leving the actual design was made.

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